• Since 1996, the principals of Catalina Strategies, Inc. have been responsible for executing well over 800 national media based promotions of the world’s leading motion picture film studios, music labels, television networks, book publishers, and technology firms.
  • Catalina Strategies has produced over 20 successful business and marketing plans that have secured financing, improved operating performance and led to successful exit strategies.
  • Catalina’s expert knowledge and proven ability has consistently generated the best media value results from the leading US television, cable, wireless, ring tone and new media outlets.  This has allowed its clientele to benefit from receiving the highest ROI per dollar of marketing budget in the industry.
  • Since 2009, Catalina Strategies has offered its clientele an unparalleled guaranteed $1,500,000 in total media value for every $100,000 of fees invested by its clients, thus generating a minimum 1,400% ROI.  This can be applied to any combination of television, radio, web, and other mediums on a cumulative basis.
  • Catalina Strategies also delivers a complimentary media and economic ROI analysis and a full strategic and tactical marketing brief to augment real market performance.  Catalina Strategies’ television promotional products are all billed on a performance basis, and consistently outperform other marketing and promotional agencies.
  • In addition, online, retail, wireless, ringtone, event, and street promotional and marketing services are also available as an effective means for clients to augment their marketing mix and further boost their ROI for property releases.