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    In tandem
    with our
    TV campaigns

    Television Media Value
    Total Spots Aired
    Gross Impressions
    Total Household Reach
    Consistently Delivering
    1600% to 4500% ROI
    On ANY Project!

    Total Household Reach: 19,424,790

    Gross Television Impressions: 40,540,962

    Television Spots Aired: 13,688

    Total Media Value: $1,019,700

    Radio Media ROI: - - - - - - 1,590 %
    Gross Radio Impressions: 10,325,000
    Total Radio Spots Aired: - - - 988
    Radio Media Value: - - - - $304,175

    - Miami Ft. Lauderdale

    - Atlanta

    - Raleigh

    - Washington, DC

    - Philidelphia

    - New York

    - Nassau-Suffolk

    - Boston

    - Cleveland

    - Columbus

    Detroit -

    Chicago -

    Indianapolis -

    Nashville -

    - Dallas Ft. Worth

    - Houston

    - Los Angeles

    - San Francisco

    - Seattle Tucoma

    Effectively Targeting
    The Right Market
    Generating Maximum

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3278 Wilshire Blvd. #603
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (310) 367-2237
Michael Blum, CEO

Catalina Strategies, Inc. is a full service media marketing and management consulting firm that specializes in delivering the very best value, impact and return on investment for its clients and partners. With over 20 years of successful experience, the principals of Catalina Strategies offer its clients a wide variety of products and tools to improve virtually every aspect of their operations, marketing, media, revenue and business planning objectives.
“I have been really
impressed with their creativity and the value they deliver.”Jen Way Universal Music Group Nashville
“I wanted to thank you for another great promotion!  It
went perfect.”Colin Cantwell WKMG

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