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Catalina’s successful television marketing and promotional campaigns typically reach tens of millions of households and cable subscribers over top selected designated market areas (DMAs) nationwide. This is accomplished by collaborating with leading local broadcast affiliates and local cable system operators.  Catalina creates programs and produces spots that effectively penetrate and influence the consumer behavior of the targeted audiences within the top rated DMAs across the country.  The addition of strategic grand prizing partners augment the messaging of the client property propelling additional frequency and media value.

Catalina executed campaign spots are specifically placed on day parts of networks that effectively target desired demographic profiles within selected top DMA markets across the country.

Typical media ROI for the client reaches over 2500 percent with an average per market value of $65,000 or $1,300,000 per a typical 20 US Market National TV Promotional Campaign.


Due to Catalina’s long-standing relationships with the top ARBITRON ranked radio stations and syndicated radio networks nationwide give our clients greater access to a wide array of listeners in every demographic in the United States. This goodwill and experience, coupled with client properties content and the unique Catalina engineering of spot copy, allows Catalina to offer clients the value proposition of our services at a fraction of the cost of a traditional broadcast media buy. Historically radio media ROI for Catalina’s is well over 1900%. Full data analyses and marketing recommendations are included at no extra charge.

In addition, DJs recite key copy points on the air, with listeners often perceiving such copy as indirect endorsements – thus creating an even greater return for your product.


At Catalina Strategies, we create targeted programs that fit the needs and requirements of our clients, drawing from a complete suite of new media services. The strategies we implement for our clients are centered on the major pillars of the social media landscape. Still, experience tells us that utilizing social media to its full potential involves full integration with traditional online marketing initiatives. Catalina understands the need to fuel social media programs through best-in-class search marketing, media planning, and creative development. It is through this synergy that we lead our clients to true success in the new media frontier.


  • Search Engine Marketing:  Strategy development Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Paid search management (SEM),
  • SEO PR – Link buying Site conversion optimization, Traffic analysis Search compliant copy development
  • Online Media Buying:  Strategy development Media planning & Media buying, Trafficking
  • Ad serving Campaign tracking & Campaign reporting, Campaign analysis and ROI optimization Online/offline media integration
  • Creative/Production Services:  Strategy development Creative/brand development, Copywriting, Graphic design, Flash development, Web site development & Web application development, Video Production.
Since 1990, Mr. Blum had produced an impressive list of successful business, sale and marketing plans, company overhauls, private placements and other critical services that have successfully launched start-ups, expanded existing company performance and position in the
marketplace, as well raise significant amounts of investment capital on favorable terms.

Catalina Strategies and its extended arm of legal, financial and industry specific experts can work with the principals of virtually business in any sector to create comprehensive plans that effectively lead to sufficient funding, greater performance, while providing the operational blue print for maximum short term and long term success and firm valuation.

Catalina Strategies business plans are comprehensive, and guide each entity through the proper organizational structure, presentation and all of the other elements and documents for successful funding through each phase of its growth and exit strategy.

Specific operating plans designed by Catalina Strategies offer clients the superior path(s) in all areas of operation as well as in terms of three (3) primary drivers: Maximize Throughput, Lower Operational Cost and Minimize Inventory Carrying Cost. Whether in Manufacturing, Transportation, Entertainment or any other industry sector, Catalina Strategies proprietary business modeling techniques will arrive at the optimal game plan for achieving superior desired results.

Catalina Strategies has many years of augmenting the media planning of the world’s largest entertainment, publishing and music firms. Its unique convert modeling and impact impressions driven ROI analysis has helped dozens of clients achieve superior results within their media budgets and better allocation of funding.

Catalina has expertise in television, radio, digital media and venue media planning and has been actively a part of over $500 million in media generation and/or planning for its clients. The company specializes in ensuring its clients receive the greatest media and economic ROI for each budget.

Catalina Strategies oversees an in-depth rollout strategy that better ensures the client’s product attributes and overall development is best matched with the market place, market segmentation, demand and pricing strategy to achieve optimal results. Catalina can effectively use tools to cut lead times and increase throughput, while lowering both operational expense and inventory carrying costs.

In addition, Catalina can bring in various tie-ins, marketing partners, product placement to bolster the overall product rollout strategy.
Catalina Strategies is a seasoned expert of over 20 years in developing and overseeing the execution of a wide range of valuable marketing strategies and the tactics to achieve desired client results. Many of the strategic solutions use conventional and non-conventional tactics to reach these superior results.

All marketing strategies produced by Catalina Strategies are customized in order to best fulfill the short and long term goals & objectives of each client.

Special focus is placed on expanding client market share, attaining critical market mass, sustainable competitive advantage, optimal vertical and horizontal integration, and consistently achieving timely revenue and contribution margin goals. All strategies include the basics of product development, rollout planning, branding management, competitive analysis, and applied game theory, and the proper use of optimizing the “4Ps: – Promotion, Price, Placement and Positioning.

Catalina Strategies also specializes in creating 360 Marketing and Promotional Plans for product rollouts that use Catalina Strategies’ trademarked value analysis attached for each mechanism deployed.

Catalina Strategies specializes in start-up financing and planning to insure start-ups are properly financed with the right plan of action and management team to secure successful lift and growth. To complement its business planning and prospectus expertise, Catalina Strategies’ experience in operating start-up companies and ensuring investors receive excellent returns, clients are well cared for in every facet in their infancy from the ‘proof of concept’ to ‘proof of performance’ phases.

Catalina Strategies offers its clients financial reviews and recommendations with an eye towards improving their bottom-line performance using both proven conventional and non-conventional measurement approaches. Such reviews and recommendations are always candid, pro-active, and useful in terms problem solving while achieving financial and shareholder goals.

Catalina Strategies also operates on a performance basis in a concerted effort to evolve into a strategic partner of the client and not merely a vendor. By putting proverbial ’skin in the game’, Catalina Strategies effectively positions itself and its relationship with the client to generate greater lifetime value for the client and its stakeholders.

Catalina Strategies produces top quality private placement memorandums (PPMs) that effectively raise capital for its clients and abide by all blue sky laws. Having over 30 years of expertise, Catalina has the experience, business planning expertise and legal background to offer a wide variety of skills necessary to complete a winning PPM (Rule D 504, 505, 506, etc.). Catalina Strategies also ensures that the PPM produced offers its clients the best chance of success while being fully compliant with the laws and regulations.
Catalina Strategies oversees the Leon Licensing, which delivers its clients a wide range of licensing services and opportunities to entertainment related companies.

Catalina Strategies marketing experts and set of relationships in the entertainment film, music, and consumer product and technology sectors positions itself well for both licensing and merchandising opprotunities.

Moreover, its background in working extensively with literally dozens of the world’s largest entertainment and consumer products company

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Auto Industry
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Music, Sports, Entertainment items and memorabilia
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Catalina Strategies’ CEO, Michael Blum, has a several decade long standing history and firm commitment to producing philanthropic events, services and support to various charities and communities around the world, as well as our troops, and various community based organizations.

– World Record Weekend (American Heart Association) October 2017
– Red River Celebrity Softball Game
On October 12th, 2017 the University of Oklahoma Celebrity Alumni will be playing against University of Texas Celebrity Alumni with America’s Heroes; our Combat Veterans playing on both teams. This event will kick off Red River Rivalry Weekend in Dallas, Texas.

– BritWeek – Concert Series Sponsor. April 2016 (add photos)
– Independent Musicians Awards – Sponsor at Fonda Theater November 2016
(add photos)
– Cystic Fibrosis Foundation event on Warner Bros. lot – July 2011
– Pro Football Hall of Fame Event – Temptations – Rayfield Wright Induction
event – August 2006 (add photos)
– PX3 Sports Events
– Wounded Warrior Foundation
– Lone Survivor Foundation

Catalina Strategies team is fully committed to augment the missions and philanthropic objectives of its client and partner base, and can incorporation as such in the campaigns it produces on their behalf.

– Drums No Guns Commission – Kids Events / Yale University Graduation
– March of Dimes – SoCal Drive in April 2012
– Soldier’s Christmas Fund – 2014
– PX3 -2015 to 2017
– Coast Meadows Mobil Home Estate (Vee)
– Children’s Hospital/Special Needs (Vee)