Catalina Strategies, Inc. is a full service media marketing and management consulting firm that specializes in delivering to its clients the very best value, impact and return on its investment. With over 20 years of successful experience, the principals of Catalina Strategies offer its clients a wide variety of products and tools to improve virtually every aspect their business goals and objectives, operations, marketing, sales and financial planning.

Since 1996, its principals have been instrumental in creating over $400 million in media value for marketing and promotional initiatives for many of the world’s leading film, television, home entertainment, publishing and music companies. Catalina Strategies leverages its expert knowledge and goodwill with media, financial and technology partners to deliver uniquely effective campaigns and marketing plans that transcend expectations and build a foundation for consistent long-term results.

In addition it has successfully raised money from business plans it has authored from it s clients since 1990. Catalina offers full service management services to best design a winging structure and delver measurement tools that insure ongoing success.

Catalina Strategies, Inc. CEO, Michael Blum, has a wide variety of experience that has given him unique insight and applicable working knowledge to successfully launched startups, improve operations of established entities, profitable and their respective strategy and tactics. Since graduating from Yale University School of Management, Mr. Blum has successfully improved the operational efficacy of over 20 firms in the entertainment, media, communications, transportation, manufacturing and health care industries.

Catalina can draw upon its top expert resources from a wide variety of fields and vocation to ensure every project, it is engaged with will have the best opportunity of achieving its goals and objectives. Its strategic partners offer Catalina expert knowledge, opinions and research all on behalf of Catalina clients receiving the best possible outcomes.

Catalina Strategies’ mission and philosophy are entwined with the primary objective of creating the maximum lifetime value to the client that produces sustainable results from each initiative it undertakes.  Unlike other media promotion and management consulting firms, Catalina takes a true integrated approach to address all facets of the business in parallel to the discrete project and services it performs.   This effectively delivers the true ROI for its client.

Catalina Strategies will always insist that it delivers the best industry return on investment for its wide array of services, and significantly outperform any alternative in the marketplace.  For Catalina Strategies always measures its success by its clients’.   With a true meritocracy mindset that customizes each initiative with an expansive tool set, Catalina Strategies always seeks to augment the true meaning of management – the ongoing process if improvement,

Catalina Strategies’ approach and working philosophy have proven tantamount to consistently delivering results ranging from 1,400 to 3,300% ROI for its clients regardless of the project undertaken.

Catalina Strategies, Inc. offers the following services:

Marketing and Promotional Campaigns:

  • Catalina Strategies, Inc. combines the advantageous elements of commercial television, digital media, and social media into a comprehensive program that yields the greatest media ROI (over 1,400%) and email opt-in registration results available.
  • National and Regional Television promotional and marketing campaigns that yield a minimum 1,400% ROI
  • National and Regional Radio promotional and marketing campaigns that yield a minimum guarantee of 1,400% ROI
  • Internet Campaigns that deliver millions of click-throughs, tens of thousands of opt-in registrants and a wide variety of tools not available anywhere else
  • Retail tag and POP programs to ensure increased sell-through and ScreenConnect, television, radio or other Catalina Strategies produced initiative.
  • 360 Marketing Campaigns and Planning that generate the highest overall yield and best positioning for any product launch
  • Brand Management that is designed to leverage the most brand equity and brand identity of each brand, while delivering the marketing and promotional programs to deliver such objectives
  • Publicity that works in tandem with the client/PR firm publicity to ensure its messaging and timing of any program or release is optimized
  • Outdoor and Venue marketing that deliver the best ROI over any other alternative
  • Since 1996, the principals of Catalina Strategies, Inc. have been responsible for executing well over 800 national media based promotions of the world’s leading motion picture film studios, music labels, television networks, book publishers, and technology firms.
  • Catalina Strategies has produced over 20 successful business and marketing plans that have secured financing, improved operating performance and led to successful exit strategies.
  • Catalina’s expert knowledge and proven ability has consistently generated the best media value results from the leading US television, cable, wireless, ring tone and new media outlets.  This has allowed its clientele to benefit from receiving the highest ROI per dollar of marketing budget in the industry.
  • Since 2009, Catalina Strategies has offered its clientele an unparalleled guaranteed $1,500,000 in total media value for every $100,000 of fees invested by its clients, thus generating a minimum 1,400% ROI.  This can be applied to any combination of television, radio, web, and other mediums on a cumulative basis.
  • Catalina Strategies also delivers a complimentary media and economic ROI analysis and a full strategic and tactical marketing brief to augment real market performance.  Catalina Strategies’ television promotional products are all billed on a performance basis, and consistently outperform other marketing and promotional agencies.
  • In addition, online, retail, wireless, ringtone, event, and street promotional and marketing services are also available as an effective means for clients to augment their marketing mix and further boost their ROI for property releases.

The Team

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Michael Blum

As CEO and principal of Catalina Strategies, Inc. Mr. Blum has deployed uniquely scalable media marketing platforms that consistently deliver an industry best ROI to a wide client base in the entertainment, travel, technology and consumer products industries.
Since 2009, Mr. Blum has overseen the execution of over 100 national media marketing and promotional campaigns for the world’s most renowned artists and entertainment properties. Through Catalina Strategies’ top-tier network of television, radio and social media relationships, these campaigns routinely deliver clients a verified media Return on Investment (ROI) of over 2600%.

Mr. Blum has over 25 years of successful management and consulting experience, providing leadership to a wide range of pro-profit and non-profit organizations in the arenas of business planning, project management, marketing strategy, financing, event production, and competitive analysis.

Mr. Blum holds an MBA and MPPM from Yale University, and is a frequent speaker on the topics of marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, leadership, and history. He has consistently produced many charitable events and campaigns that effectively support our nation’s youth and veterans.

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Marketing Director

Drea Ardan

A seasoned Executive Assistant with over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. As Catalina Strategies’ newest team member, she has extensive experience with all administrative tasks, including scheduling, filing, shipping, travel arrangements and overseeing correspondence.
Having successfully held positions in the legal, medical, accounting, broadcasting and business fields, Drea is able to tailor her skills set to meet the demanding daily requirements of Catalina’s clientele on timely and professional basis.

Ms. Ardan has a Bachelor Degree in English from STBA-YAPARI Language University, and is a certified Paralegal and Licensed/Bond as Legal Document Assistant. In addition, Ms. Ardan is certified in Quickbooks, has over 20 years experienced in FileMaker Pro, and over 25 years of Broadcasting and Journalism experiences.

In addition to her duties as an Executive Assistant, Drea is also active in the community. Ms. Ardan was awarded as Volunteer of the Year from Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City Council, after serving exclusively 9 years of volunteering work for Los Angeles Unified School District. in this capacity, she took the initiative, organizing and directing traffic during rush hours for the safety of the students, parents, and the neighborhood. Ms. Ardan continues doing charity work for children, collecting and sending gifts for inner city/under privilege kids in and out of various states.

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Director Of Production

Eric White

Eric Kenyon White is an expert in media production, design and information technology. Mr. White acquired much of his skills set as a leading industrial textile designer and network administrator, and was the Chief Information Officer of Freshjive Manufacturing.
Eric White has a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Design from UC Davis and an MBA from Philadelphia University. He is also an active mountain climber achieving major ascents across the world, as well as an avid bicycle enthusiast.
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Systems Administrator

“Nori” Ed Carter

With over 15 years in systems engineering and internet expertise, Mr. Carter brings the might of relevant, sophisticated, web experience to benefit Catalina Strategies and its clientele.
Having owned and operated a small web firm in his youth, Mr. Carter has worked for a wide range of Companies from technology automation, CRM, ERP, HRM solutions, to Marketing, and Internet Radio companies.

After the events of 9/11 Ed Carter joined the United States Air Force and worked as a Flight Engineer doing Combat Search and Rescue with Joint Forces Special Operations.

After returning to the states he continues developing applications for the “internet of things” and cloud based engineering on the Amazon Web Service platform.

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